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Can I sleep at night

I just was asked by a client if I had difficulty sleeping. As she thought that listening to clients stories could be upsetting. I said that the typical counsellors response could be that I wondered why she asked that.

In reality though i said that I lived by what I often said to clients, that was " If I don't look after myself how could I look after anyone else".

This includes regular reflection on how I am as a person. Examining any stressors in my life. E.G. worklife balance, illness in the family, family events, My relationships with others etc.

i do know that i need to have the right mindset to be able to fully receive clients, being open and honest. Hopefully by me being like this my clients pick up on this and sense that my way of being is helpful to them.

I encourage all my clients to give themselves time to think and reflect. Counselling is a process that benefits from this. In our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to take time out.

By coming to Counselling clients can learn how to best look after themselves, and in that lead a life that is beneficial to them in every way.

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