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Clients never cease to amaze me

A client just finished her counselling after several months of visits. She felt that she was able to rely on her own decision making instead of asking me every week. I just responded that I was fortunate to be a mirror for her thoughts and really she had been answering her own questions all the time.

I had helped her focus on areas that caused concern and she realised that her workoholic behaviour was just a self imposed structure allowing her not to stop and feel what was going on.

This is common amongst clients who often have strong avoiding behaviours. This helps avoiding thinking about areas of difficulty in their lives. This can lead to panic attacks and anxiety.

By being brave and talking about upsetting things in the counselling room,it is amazing how the tangled ball of string that represents confused thinking ,becomes individual pieces of string unravelled and straight.

I am priviledged that people think that i answered their questions, however clients should always remember they are the real expert on themselves. They just need assistance in seeing that.

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