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Can you fit me in?

Prospective clients regularly ask me I can fit them in? When i answer that ordinarily with the fact that I am failrly flexible, and give a wide range of options. I find that it is not my availabilty that is the problem.

I discover that the clients lives are usually far busier than mine. Quite often this is part of a clients issues. The modern world is a busy one. It is always useful to look at exactly what we do as people to manage our time. Time is the only commodity we can never replace. Time for ourselves, time for our partners, time for children etc etc.

It is easy to get caught up in the maelstrom of being busy. In the short term this may help us forget troubles, as being busy is a distraction.

How do I step out of this busyness and look after "me" is an issue that counselling often addresses.

I recently encouraged a client who was experiencing the conflicts of a busy job , home life etc and recent bereavements to examine her work life balance. As a consequence she did simple things like ensuring a proper lunch break at work. Taking time to do things she wanted , which was gardening. These simple things started to free her from the demands she had gradually allowed herself to be subjected to.

She reflected on the running around she did for others and how it was important to realise that if she didn't look after herself she couldn't look after others.

Counselling allows a person to carefully reflect on what is causing them angst, anxiety, panic

and change their lives in a considered way that is good for them.

Counselling helps clear the fog of being busy from your mind, and gives your mind a spring clean.

You only have one life, try to make it better for you. Counselling can help you achieve this.

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