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Am I ready for bereavement Counselling?

Am I ready for Bereavement Counselling?

This is a question only you can answer. Every peron deals with grief in a unique way. There are numerous theories that relate to the grief process which you can read online. This can help people to know that there is a process and that things change. How quickly change occurs no other person can say. Your grief is unique to you.

My basic advice is that when the raw ness of feelings start to subside then perhaps this is the time. My own experience is that anxiety and sadness can take a long time to reduce. Counselling can help with this. Talking in detail about the deceased person can help. Part of the reason we dont talk to much about death and dying relates to our own fears of dying. One book that has helped me relate to death is The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. This is available free online. I often have clients who describe how they are feeling and this helps. Sometimes all a persaon feels is a confusion of feelings like a tangled ball of string. By talking about feelins the client can unravel this ball, identifying their feelings. The Client can then start to relate in a more meaningful way to how they are at that moment.

I offer new clients the ability to talk about how they are, before entering into a counselling relationship. This reflection can help judge whether or not Counselling is appropriate at that time.

Some Bereavement organisations suggest 12 months , some suggest 6. I have a view that only the individual knows what they want.

Counselling can help you through early stages of grief and also assist in making future choices.

The main thing to realise is that you are you. Nobody else nows exactly how you feel. What other people may think is good for you isn't necessarily the case. You neeed time and space to start living with your loss, remembering the person who died, and being able to live your life for you.

Take your time, seek professional help if you feel it would be good for you. rem,embering there is only one of you. You are a unique individual.

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